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Your Parish Councillors:
David Kerr - Chairman

The Coach House
SN14 7NY
07802 259639

Jane Futrell East View
West Kington
SN14 7JE
Jeanne Bush

West Kington 
SN14 7JJ

Audrey Flint

Manor Cottage
Nettleton  SN14 7NX

Stephen Beare

Nettleton House
Nettleton Shrub
SN14 7NN
07503 192035

Fleur Shanahan

Violet Cottage
West Kington
SN14 7JQ

Jenny Minney

Fir Tree Cottage
Church Hill
SN14 7LS
07796 247349

John Wright

7 Fredericks Way
SN14 7PE

Matthew Newman The Old Plume
SN14 7LP
Clerk to the Parish Council

Sheila Parker

01225 743110

Annual accounts available from the Clerk @ 1.00 per copy, to include photocopying and standard Royal Mail 1st class delivery.

NPC Email List
Do you want to be kept up to date with parish council business?
Nettleton Parish Council (NPC) is compiling an email circulation list of people within the Parish of Nettleton (including Nettleton, Burton, West Kington and part of The Gibb).
It will be used to inform parishioners of key information published by NPC - e.g. notice of meetings, questionnaires and other information of interest.
Current village email lists cannot legally be used for NPC business hence necessity for an NPC list.
Inclusion on the list is purely voluntary and we will not pass on email addresses to third parties.
If you want to join please email Cllr. Ray Maddock on





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